Branch Transformation

Klystron Global brings the best branch transformation solutions to help companies transform routine transactions to self-service.

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The concept of incorporating technology into the financial delivery services of the company is called Branch Transformation.

Branches are still valuable for the customers even though the customers are using digital channels. Companies are focusing to enhance the customer experience at branches and also create more opportunities to connect with customers.

Any shift or change that you bring in your organization will fall under the category of Branch Transformation.

Klystron brings in the best strategy and technology to deliver seamless customer service. We make Branch Transformation a reality through our technology at various channels and platforms of our customers.

Klystron technology branch transformation solution helps companies to fulfill their routine transaction to be done as a self service transaction by customers itself with limited or no assistance and branch workforce focus to build relationship with customers and also provide advisory services face to face.

Self Service Kiosks

Klystron Self Service Kiosks at branches are aimed at automating the day to day transactions at various locations. Our Self-service kiosks are widely used for Issuance of Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Remittance, Bill Payment, Government Payments, Digital Customer On-boarding, Mobile Wallet, Wallet registration,Top-ups etc

Digital Customer Onboarding

Klystron Self Service Kiosks facilitate Facial / Biometric authentication as part of digital customer onboarding which simplifies the account opening process. This also includes Instant Issuance of Personalized EMV Card

Tablet Banking

Tablet Banking has revolutionized Branch Transformation just like the concept of self-servicing in internet banking aided financial transactions. Where customer expectations are dynamic, the need to improvise and innovate can never be static.


Digital Customer Onboarding has become the buzz word where e-KYC follows as an indispensable alternative for the traditional mandate of physical verification and authentication of new customers and their documents. Our e-KYC propositions are evolved based on a thorough understanding of customer behaviour and their excessive digital presence to avail critical services online

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