The psychology of instant gratification is defining the modern customer behavior

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The psychology of instant gratification is defining the modern customer behavior and more importantly the emerging market and the region. The expectation of tech-savvy generations and digitization have resulted in greater “Speed” in all areas of life.

This has given rise to a payment transformation across all the industries and real time, instant fulfillment became the new norm of payments. Also to add to it, regulators around the world are realizing the importance of digitization and opening up the financial eco systems to embrace new digital technologies accelerated the real-time payments with Fintech solutions.

In order to strive and thrive in the competing payment industry, for our esteemed banking and finance institutional customers, Klystron Technology has developed innovative payment solutions enabling real time cross border payments and also simplify the customer day to day payments.

Remittance App

Digital adoption of customers has brought increasing change to the world of cross-border payments. The trusted and tested wire transfer mode of payment and the increased cost of transaction has been disrupted and customer demand of instant online payments with minimum transaction cost.

Mobile Wallet

The wide availability and increasing popularity of smart phones have made mobile payment a new payment form within the payment eco system. Most popular form on mobile payment is Mobile Wallet which enables the customers to carry out a number of payments associated with day to day life to be fulfilled easily by tapping the mobile

QR based Merchant App

The platform offers an integrated Merchant App for merchant to accept the payments using QR Code or P2M transfer either in a closed loop or regulator enabled standard payment network infrastructure


iRewards is Klystron’s indigenous Loyalty Management System. This Program is versatile in understanding customer preferences and spending habits through constant monitoring to reinforce repetitive customer behavior by rewarding Loyalty Points for each transaction.

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