Document Management is critical to every organization and has in recent times assumed more significance

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DMS – An Overview

Document Management is critical to every organization and has in recent times assumed more significance in a fast paced digitally evolving world that is moving into a totally paperless concept.
The confidentiality and sensitivity of data contained in business relevant documents require to be managed in a secure, organized, and systematic way. Our Document Management solution is based on Odoo framework and customized to meet the specific requirements of the business houses that we serve.

Document Management System (DMS) - Features

Client documents, using the DMS, can be managed efficiently and with ease.

The System capabilities include Master Data Management, maintaining File Structure, upload and attachment of documents, setting up of user roles, access rights and restrictions, notification and alerts, audit log and audit trails giving insight into the details of who did what on a particular date and time, viewing, sharing and/or printing of documents, document drag and drop features, document indexing and searching, list view of documents, filtering and grouping, graphical representation and Document Directories

The DMS enables the streamlining of workflows from creation of document, its approval, control, and validation processes passing through the right user roles that are pre-set. Categorizing, and archiving of scanned documents, under the DMS, is quite simple and the search options make it very easy to locate the folders and files. Business documents can easily be generated from the templates stored in the System, thus saving time, which, in business parlance, means saving money.

The well- structured Email gateway allows automatic creation of bills and the excellent collaborative platform guarantees the ease of connectivity between the internal team and the external client in assigning documents, sharing of files or for importing the documents into the System. The System also supports the e-signing of documents by the authorized person thus expediting the business transaction-based exigencies

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