Smart phones have made mobile payment a new payment form within the payment eco system.

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The wide availability and increasing popularity of smart phones have made mobile payment a new payment form within the payment eco system.

Most popular form on mobile payment is Mobile Wallet which enables the customers to carry out a number of payments associated with day to day life to be fulfilled easily by tapping the mobile .

Regulators as well find Mobile Wallet as a payment channel, easier to be adopted by customers and there by encourage financial inclusion and also creates a cashless society.

Although started with the Mobile Wallet payments as a means of payment from person to person, currently it scope has grown beyond person to person instead it has created an ecosystem connecting consumers, merchants, financial institution, tel-cos, billers, government etc.

Mobile Wallet

Klystron’s innovative Mobile Payment solution offers a superior digital product platform which can support the entire payment cycle within the payment echo-system from customers to merchants to financial institutions. The platform consist of various component such as Customer Wallet, Merchant App and also back office platform for managing the entire payment system.

Key Customer Experience and features of the Mobile Wallet

Simple and Intuitive customer journey & experience
Quick 3 step registration
Stored value Wallet with easy top-up features through multiple channels
Transaction Enquiry
Bill Payment
Person to Person , Wallet to Account Transfers
QR Code based P2P Transfer & Merchant Payments
Enables Overseas Fund Transfer, Cash Pick Up, Wallet Transfers

QR based Merchant App

The platform offers an integrated Merchant App for merchant to accept the payments using QR Code or P2M transfer either in a closed loop or regulator enabled standard payment network infrastructure
  • QR based Payment Acceptance through Merchant App
  • Instant Payment Transfer by Merchant Code/Mobile Number
  • Real time transaction status monitoring
  • Daily Merchant transaction re conciliation and settlement

Platform Back Office Portal

The platform also offers a back office administration portal to manage the customers, merchants, bill payers and other wallet participants and also offers a detailed reconciliation insights on the performance of the Mobile Wallet.

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