Digital Customer Onboarding has become the buzz word.

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Digital Customer Onboarding has become the buzz word where e-KYC follows as an indispensable alternative for the traditional mandate of physical verification and authentication of new customers and their documents.

Our e-KYC propositions are evolved based on a thorough understanding of customer behaviour and their excessive digital presence to avail critical services online.

Our Self-Service Kiosks are powered with triple phased e-KYC verification matrix that lends more credence, accuracy, and authenticity. The robust Card Reader (AI based application) extracts digital data pertaining to the new account opening customer from the secure chip-based government issued customer ID followed by the biometric authentication and finally the facial recognition is done through the built-in camera of the Self-service Kiosk.

Advantages of e-KYC

  • Ease of process and increased efficiency
  • Least turn-around time for account opening
  • Minimal errors in documentation
  • Enables contactless onboarding
  • Live detection of the on-boarding customer

Key Features of our e-KYC Solution include the Digital verification of the following

  • Customer Identity from Government issued Documents – eg: ID Cards, Driving License, Employment Card, Health Card etc.,
  • Address
  • Facial Recognition
  • Biometric Reading
  • Two factor Authentication of accounts through OTP
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