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Our digital branch solutions

Banking Kiosk

Forget waiting in line! Klystron brings to you our Smart Banking kiosks, your personal 24/7 tellers, conveniently located for on-the-go banking. These interactive digital kiosks let execute all your banking services through your busy schedule.

Klystron digital banking kiosk

Remittance Kiosk

Walk straight up to our kiosk, select your beneficiary, select your destination, and send money securely to your loved ones across the globe, all from the convenience of our user-friendly digital remittance kiosk. Klystron’s Remittance kiosks empower you to be the hero by ensuring timely and reliable financial support anytime, from anywhere, completely on user-convenience via digital branch kiosks.

Digital Remittance Kiosk Machine

Government Kiosk

Elevate your customer experience providing one-stop shop for all the needs of citizens, residents and tourists, accessible 24/7 with Klystron’s Government Kiosk. Our Digital Government kiosks empower you to access essential services, submit forms, and pay government fees – all conveniently located within your community. This modern approach allows all the government interactions, eliminating the need for government office visits, saving your time and effort.

Digital Government Kiosk Machine

Finance Kiosk

Take a break from running from branch to branch to get your loans and other finance services. Access Klystron’s Digital finance kiosk for easy finance services. Get instant financial approvals and complete your transactions instantly, at your convenience.

Smart Finance Digital Kiosk

Insurance Kiosk

Skip long phone calls and frequent agent visits to get the right insurance coverage. Klystron’s smart insurance kiosks bring you a convenient, self-service option to your fingertips. Compare plans instantly, get personalized assistance, quotes, and insurance, all within minutes and on your own schedule.

insurance kiosk

Hospitality Kiosk

Elevate your customer experience with the brand-new self-check-in/ check-out kiosk solutions from Klystron Global. Our self-service companion, allows you to breeze through check-in, explore hotel amenities, and even customize your stay – all at your own pace.

Smart Hospitality Kiosk Machine

Healthcare Kiosk

Get healthcare on your terms. Klystron Global provides a seamless patient care experience with our smart healthcare kiosk. Our user-friendly touch screen offers you instant access to health information, vitals checks, and even appointment scheduling – all at your convenience.

healthcare kiosk

Kiosk Designs and Hardwares

Klystron offers a diverse kiosk design based on customer needs and functionalities. We work with our customers in choosing the unique designs based on their unique customizations and requirements.

Industry accredited international devices used for our Kiosks

Klystron is providing wide range of Self-Service Kiosks that can be implemented in different business industries where branch transformation is required & branch services on your convenience. Our Self-Service Kiosks have travelled across the globe offering digital branch transformation.
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