Our Human Resource Management System, built on Odoo framework, is fully a steady and consistent replication of Employee-Employer roles and functionalities

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HRMS – An Overview

Our Human Resource Management System, built on Odoo framework, is fully a steady and consistent replication of Employee-Employer roles and functionalities aimed at unleashing the latent resourcefulness of the Human force for amplifying the organizational productivity.

Our Odoo HRMS caters to the entire gamut of the HR Cycle from Hiring to Retirement through specific modules for Recruitment Management, Employee Management, Leave Management, Time & Attendance Management, Training Management, Payroll Process Management, Appraisal Management, Expense Management, Employee Self Service Portal, Employee Shifts and Overtime, Employee Loans and Deductions and Employee Settlement.

Recruitment Management

The Human Resource hiring process under the HRM System starts with the Manpower requisition from the department concerned to HR department with a budgetary costing for the Talent-on Demand.

Based on the Job description, the recruitment process progresses through various stages in the cycle. The Resumes are sieved through and based on the eligibility scanning done through multiple processes, the right candidate is issued with the Offer.

  • Manpower Requisition and Budgeting
  • Resume Master with history
  • Stage Wise Recruitment Process
  • Candidates Shortlisting
  • Issuance of Offer Letter

Employee Management

The details of the resources onboarded are loaded into the Employee Master which makes the Employee Management quite easy and effective
  • Designation and Department
  • Contracts and Renewals
  • Documents and Expiry Alerts
  • Employee Goals and Badges
  • Annual Benefits and Entitlements

Employee Self Service Portal

Our Employee Self Service (ESS) portal enables employees to log into the System and apply for Leave, any specific documents, know the leave balance, claim expense, raise travel requisition etc., and the System triggers out notifications and alerts to their superior officer concerned.
  • Employee Specialized Login
  • Leave Balance and Summary
  • Leave Application and Document Request
  • Business Travel Request
  • Expiry Alerts and Notification

Leave Management

The Leave policies of the organization is taken care of by the Leave Management Module which starts with the requisition of Leave by the employee and passes through the approval processes that examines the leave type, eligibility, balance under each type of leave, deductions etc.,
  • Leave Requisition
  • Leave Types and Allocation
  • Eligibility and Approval Cycle
  • Leave Summary and Balance
  • Leave Deduction and Carry forward

Time & Attendance Management

The data captured by the Time & Attendance Device when integrated into the HRM System gives accurate real time record of the attendance logs based on the rules configured.
  • Employee Attendance Recording
  • Real-time Machine Integration
  • Attendance Rules Configuration
  • Late Coming Records and Deductions
  • Attendance Dash Boards and Reports

Employee Shifts and Overtime

In organizations where the employees work on shift basis or where the employees work overtime, to meet the additional business needs of their company, a proper track of the shift timings and/or the overtime services has to be maintained on the actual time spent for the payroll processing.
  • Employee Shift Master
  • Overtime Requisition and Approval
  • Overtime Tracking and Shift Transfer
  • User Define Overtime and Rates
  • Auto Generated Overtime Sheets

Employee Loans and Deductions

The dedicated Employee Self Service Module allows the employees to log into the Portal and submit their applications for departmental or in-house loans. On submission of the application, it goes through various eligibility checks and approval processes before it is finally approved or rejected for reasons cited.
  • Online Loan Application
  • Loan Eligibility Criteria
  • Loan Approval Process
  • Monthly EMI Generation
  • Deduction Plans

Expense Management

The claim for expenses submitted by the employees passes through the approval workflows configured in the System and this is interlinked and integrated with other modules such as the Accounting and the Payroll modules.
  • Online Expense Submission
  • Expense Approval Workflow
  • Business Travel
  • Stage wise Status Tracking
  • Bills and Document Attachments

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