Versatile in understanding customer preferences and spending habits

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iRewards is Klystron’s indigenous Loyalty Management System. This Program is versatile in understanding customer preferences and spending habits through constant monitoring to reinforce repetitive customer behaviour by rewarding Loyalty Points for each transaction.

iRewards has a simple Lifecycle

  • Customer pays for a transaction at Merchant-A and gets registered for the iRewards.
  • Loyalty Point is calculated based on certain rules and it is added to his iRewards card.
  • Based on the points gained, he becomes eligible for the iReward.
  • The Loyalty Points earned from transacting at Merchant A may be Redeemed even at Merchant-B.
  • If the customer chooses to redeem his iReward points from Merchant B, the payment in lieu of the loyalty points redeemed by the customer, can be paid to Merchant-B from the Loyalty Program.
  • The customer has the option to earn or to redeem the loyalty points.

iReward Features

Our Loyalty Program revolves around the philosophy Spend – Earn - Burn

Potential Customers for iRewards Program include
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