Remittance kiosks are set to grow

Klystron brings HUMANOID ROBOT to OMAN
July 29, 2020

Remittance kiosks are set to grow

Remittance Kiosk is an advance solution that will enhance the customers’ experiences through an intelligent and innovative technology. With the self-service kiosks customers can easily and instantly

  • Do remittance through cash, bank or card
  • Pay Electricity Bills
  • Pay Telephone Bills
  • Pay Home Internet Bills

Remittance Kiosk Solution empowers organization to optimize their business while driving revenues and increasing productivity. Self-Service kiosk establishes an instant connect with the customer to seamlessly deliver an immersive Customer Experience.

Using the Kiosk customers will avail an easier and quicker access to a host of services offered by the self-service Kiosk while avoiding queues and reducing waiting time at the branch.

The Kiosk captures the customer national id number from a National ID card and retrieves all the loan details from the core system thereby reducing the overall time to complete transactions and enhances the compliance.
As an innovative technology leader, we are constantly innovating and investing in our capabilities to create new customer experiences. The self-service kiosk is an additional solution from our offering which will further help the company to provide greater accessibility, convenience and added value to their customers. The kiosks are multilingual and easy to use, allowing customers to remit and pay bills without additional assistance.

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